Garden ramble // Pialligo Estate

As somebody who loves both wine and bacon, it was inevitable that I would one day visit Pialligo Estate. It is a winery and a boutique smokehouse making award winning bacon. I have yet to experience either the wine or the bacon, but I popped in there (sans kids!) today just to have a little look around the gardens.

It was a pretty miserable foggy day. The garden at the Estate seems to be quite new (in fact, the hardscaping still seems to be a work-in-progress). And being mid-winter, it is hard to get a good feel of how it will look come spring and summer. But still, there was a lot of beauty in the space. And that main building - be still my heart!!! I have always been on the fence about what we would do if our house burnt down in a bushfire... I adore where we live, but don't know if I have the heart to rebuild. But now that I have seen this building, well, I think if I could get somebody to replicate this for me, I might just be okay...


There are many crepe myrtle 'Natchez' (thank you random label still attached to one of the trees), which have a lovely seed pod. Such pretty little things against a horribly foggy winter sky.


The lawns are gorgeous and add some much needed green to the winter garden. There are a number of evergreen plantings - a lot of box which will form border hedges (I'm not sure what variety of box has been used) with lavender mirroring it, and viburnum (I think

Viburnum tinus

), which add a lovely little bit of red in the flower buds. The garden is very formal and not at all what we are trying to achieve on our property (which would be definitely be more in the William Robinson "wild garden" category), but it is totally in character for the place.


Along with the main vineyard (each row headed with a beautifully hip-py rose bush), there is also a small olive grove. We have been talking recently about putting an olive grove in behind The Coopermarket, where the ground is perfectly "Mediterranean" - my newest euphemism for our rock and clay - so this was timely and interesting to see.


The hardscaping (particularly the retaining walls) and the main building are just so perfect. The stone work on the building... and the huge main doors... ahhhh, soooo dreamy!


The gardens are gorgeous even in the dead of winter, but I can't wait to go back and see them in spring... and to eat the bacon and drink the wine of course!