Garden ramble // Glenmore House

After a post about weed matting (hardly pretty or inspiring!), how about a virtual ramble around the garden at Glenmore House in Razorback NSW? Glenmore House runs kitchen gardening days and I have booked in to go to the Introduction to Kitchen Gardening at the end of August. I am not a total newbie to kitchen gardening - we've been at it in The Coopermarket for about 4 years now - but I have always been a bit hit and miss with our vege supply, and could definitely improve my planning and methods.

Anyhoo, the kitchen garden is only one part of the garden at Glenmore House. The whole space is a huge source of inspiration in designing our garden. The conditions are different (annual rainfall is quite a bit lower here than in Razorback, and our temperature range is much broader), but I still think that there are a number of ideas that might work for us.

Mickey Robertson bought Glenmore House in 1988 and she has established the gardens since then... so all of this has been the result of around 30 years of work. I always appreciate knowing how old a garden is, to get an idea of what one might expect to be able to achieve. It's easy to see a beautiful garden and think "yes, that's exactly what I want my garden to look like! Let's do that!" and forget that, hmmmm, okay, but you might have big gaping spaces, tiny trees and weedy-looking shrubs for a long time before you get there!

But knowing that, it doesn't hurt to spend some time being inspired... and these four websites provide inspiration in spades: The Design Files / The Plant Hunter / Slowpoke / Lean & Meadow

{All photos below are via the talented people behind these sites and are linked directly to their websites. I have cropped some photos to feature certain aspects. This post is merely a curation of the work of others, and I'd highly recommend that you visit the original sites!}

First of all, given my current obsession with all things pathway right now, I love the mix of loose gravel paths and rustic stone pathways throughout the garden. We are working on a similar mix, but ours are so new and raw, whilst the paths are Glenmore House are established and appear to be just a small, unobtrusive part of the overall garden. They are all edged differently (some straight into grass, others run into garden beds, some have woven willow edges...), but your eye isn't drawn to those differences.

Large open grassy spaces shaded by trees, exactly what we are working towards (we have the large open grassy spaces... just waiting for those trees to grow up a little!):

I love the way the lawns are used as pathways to guide you around the garden... and that hydrangea bush! Just stunning!

The garden "rooms" and little spaces, and the vistas just beyond... your eye is always drawn to a glimpse of something. I adore when gardens don't reveal themselves to you all at once and give you a chance to explore.

All the nooks and crannies, buildings and fences in this garden add interest everywhere you turn.

Something that I am not great at and really want to learn to do well, is layering and filling in garden beds. It's done so very well at Glenmore House.

And lastly, that kitchen garden!!! Dreamily busy and productive!

I can't wait till I get to explore this garden first hand in August, but until then all of these photos should keep me busily daydreaming, plotting and planning!