Taking stock

Rainy winter days.


And because I'm stuck inside and I love lists, and I love to read them on other people's blogs, I'm borrowing Pip's 'Taking Stock' idea... Here goes:

Making: a blog - it's slow going!

Cooking: tiny birthday cupcakes with aqua icing for a friend

Drinking: bottomless cups of strong milky tea

Reading: The Backyard Parables by Margaret Roach

Wanting: more time each day with my husband

Playing: outside, between drizzles

Deciding: where to plant all the bare root roses that I ordered

Wishing: for another long weekend

Enjoying: the first of the hellebore blooms

Waiting: for a break in the rain to bring firewood up to the house

Liking: sitting in front of a warm fire on these cold days

Wondering: when to plant 100 conifers along the front fence line

Loving: my kids' current ages - 2.5 and 0.5 are fun

Pondering: my patchy lawn

Considering: a fence on the far side of our property

Watching: Suits, a show about life in a corporate law firm

Marvelling: at how much beauty exists in a winter garden

Cringing: at the amount of postal packaging waster we generate in this house (we rarely go to the shops, and get most things, including plants, shipped to the nearest PO)

Needing: to dehead the dahlias (much too late!)

Questioning: the weather forecast

Smelling: gum leaf kindling in the fireplace

Wearing: new blue gumboots

Following: instagram friends in the northern hemisphere getting stuck into their summer gardens

Noticing: the shortening days

Knowing: that the winter solstice is just around the corner

Thinking: about what else to plant in the winter 

vege garden, and that I might be a little late to the party

Admiring: other people's gardens in lots of books (I'll share some on here soon)

Sorting: the laundry

Getting: a lesson in patience

Bookmarking: Think Big, Live Simply

Coveting: rare ornamental grape vines (I'm on a waitlist! For a vine!)

Disliking: product packaging

Opening: the newest Gardening Australia magazine that I finally retrieved from the letterbox today

Giggling: at in-jokes with my husband

Feeling: oh so grateful, but just a little bit exhausted too

Snacking: on those tiny aqua-iced birthday cupcakes

Helping: a friend celebrate her birthday

Hearing: the rain on the tin roof