When one lacks a garden of one’s own

Well hello there friends,

Apologies, I haven’t been here in a while. It’s not so much been through a lack of inspiration (although that has ebbed more than flowed of late), but because… well, what does one write about on a gardening blog when the garden is no more?

I’d love to share some of the goings-on around Widgetopia without feeling overly restricted by the gardening genre of this blog… which isn’t to say that there will be a massive thematic departure on here - nature is my jam, after all - but I hope that the total lack of a garden of one’s own might not exclude me from writing here when inspiration does, sporadically, strike.

So —

Autumn passed in a perversely beautiful display at Widgetopia - who knew that the Australian bush could rival European forests for beautiful fall colours? I guess we found out the hard way, but it definitely can.

Not much got done here in those autumn months, sadly. I always kind of understood on some level that natural disaster recovery efforts were slow and drawn out, but I now know that huge reserves of patience are required. And we are a few of the lucky* ones after this bushfire, so we have nothing but gratitude for anything getting done at all (*though perhaps “luckier ones” is a better phrase because I am so sick of being told that we are just sooooooooo lucky after all of this - pardon my annoyance, but GRRRRRRR!). 

Insurance is a wonderful thing, but goodness me, it does not move swiftly. At all. In fact, it is just this past fortnight that the insurance subcontractors have begun any work out here. In the meantime of course we have done what we can, but it’s funny how limited that work can be when insurance claims need to be settled first. 

So, here we are, mid-winter and things are on the go. Fences are being mended, garden beds are being rebuilt. The shed is due to be torn down, panel-by-panel, and reconstructed in-situ next week. Hopefully (please please!) replacement tanks are imminent. We are getting there with the larger structural things, and come spring hopefully we can start on the garden. If I’m honest, I’m really not looking forward to that process… I feel guilty saying that the garden is too much, but it is. Emotionally, physically… it just seems too big a task to undertake all over again. But motivation will hopefully return a little, and things tend to get done eventually around here even without huge reserves of inspiration, so hopefully that will happen in time with the garden too.

I’ll leave it at that for now… sorry for being a bit glass-half-empty, but that’s the reality of things and I’d like this space to be truthful if nothing else. On a positive note, we have been loving watching the regrowth of the eucalypts on Widgetopia. It's stunning really, watching the leaves pop out all over the blackened trees. We potter around the property every day to see what's new. As a result, I’ve rekindled my (post-summer, seriously dwindling) love affair for our Aussie bush, and have fallen headlong down a rabbit hole of trying to really understand the native forest here. It's good and cup-filling-upeth. I will definitely have more to share on that front soon.

Until then, happy hibernating to you all xxx