Garden ramble // Walter Peak High Country Farm (NZ)

This post is way overdue as we visited New Zealand late last spring, but I couldn't bare to let these photos wallow deep deep in my camera roll, never to be seen again. So, late they are,  but for those of you desperately awaiting spring's arrival they might be just the kick you need to survive the tail end of winter!

The Walter Peak High Country Farm is, these days, entirely run for tourism. I find it sad that nobody lives here and enjoys this garden and beautiful home, but I am grateful that it is open to the public and we were able to visit. In order to get here you have to catch a beautiful old steamboat across Lake Wakatipu, which is such a stunning way to arrive - looking around at the scenery it is hard to imagine animals being farmed in this dramatic landscape, let alone a traditional cottage garden growing here. But then you pull up at the wharf and are greeted by exactly that! It is truly stunning and the juxtaposition with the lake and the high barren peaks all around enhances the beauty of the garden.

Anyway, I will let the photos speak for themselves.... There a LOT of them (sorry, I promise this is a curated collection, but it is still lengthy). So perhaps grab a cup of tea and settle in!