Every little thing's gonna be all white

Last night we were all out in the garden, the kids 'riding' their bikes (my youngest clings like a monkey to a whatever you put him on, so 'riding' is a very loose term). I was pottering about, putting on sprinklers, picking the daily batch of cucumbers and zucchinis, feeding the chooks... The light was magical, the garden was glowing and it suddenly occurred to me that most everything in flower in our garden at the moment is white. Sure, there are a few pops of purple (there shall always be purple in my garden!) and a smattering of pink, but it was pretty much a white-out. So, in this instalment of 'Around here', everything's gonna be all white.

Around here, the dahlia 'Bounty' is flowering so abundantly. Bounty is one of my absolute favourites (although, if I am completely honest, all the dahlias get that award when they are in bloom):

Around here, the carpet roses have been wonderfully prolific this year. Honestly, if I could recommend one plant for fairly dry gardens to fill gaps and give you sooooo many beautiful blooms, it is a carpet rose! I will be putting in many more of these in the years to come.

Around here, there are blooming clumps of Gaura lindheimeri - guara (pronounced gore-a), also commonly known as bee blossom. I thought this was an Australian native until I googled it today... nope, it is actually a prairie plant from Texas. Regardless, it is doing so well in our front garden and receives very little water. A great one for pollinators too, as you can probably guess from its common name.

Around here, we have two giant mint bushes in our front garden, neither of which we planted. They both popped up from imported mulch, and have been such a pleasure all summer. The bees cover them all day long, enjoying the fluffy white flowers that have emerged as they headed to seed.

Around here, the Choisya ternata (commonly known as Mexican orange blossom) is finally in flower! Mexican orange blossom prefers temperate climates, however it seems they can survive in areas that receive heavy frosts and some snow... but goodness they are slow to grow. In areas that get down below -3°C they should be planted in a sheltered position. If you are in Canberra, I definitely suggest popping to Glebe Park to see the amazing choisya bushes tucked under some big trees there. They would all be in flower right now too and should smell divine!

Around here, the light catches so beautifully on Scaevola aemula 'Bondi white', also known as fairy fan flower. Now this one is definitely a native (I just double checked to make sure I'm not making that up!) and it's doing wonderfully well as a ground cover. The honey bees don't seem to be very attracted to it, but the native bees absolutely love it and it was on the fairy fan flower that I saw my one and only blue-banded bee (a sighting that has not been repeated, despite spending an inordinate amount of time just quietly sitting and waiting out there).

Around here, the Euphorbia hypericifolia 'Star Dust' has become my favourite of the euphorbias for its daintiness and absolute ease to grow. It requires basically no care, very little water and pretties up the garden in a very non-flashy way.

Around here, we finally have a salvia growing, the Salvia microphylla 'Heatwave Glimmer'. Every cottage-style garden needs a salvia (also known as the perennial sages) but it took a while for me to find one that I really liked. I would also like to put in some Salvia × sylvestnis 'May Night' variety... perhaps that can be a goal for next spring!

Around here we have one tiny plant of white Digitalis purpurea, which everyone knows as foxglove. This one has been overshadowed by a much more vigorous clump of purple variety, but it's had lots of flowers so far this year. The nectar guide of purple dots is beautiful, and works as intended to attract bees right up into it.

Around here, the ever productive Convolvulus 'Silvery moon' still has a few flowers on it - gosh it is proving to be a hardy groundcover! 

And around here, the newest addition to our garden is a white buddleja (or buddleia), picked up from the local nursery yesterday. Buddleja davidii is proving to be one of the very best shrubs in our garden - we already have several 'Black knight' (deep incandescent purple) and 'Pink delight' (a dusty pink variety). Buddleja is commonly known as butterfly bush and summer lilac, and both names are perfectly apt. They don't require any love and attention, and very little water, so they are perfect for a rural Australian garden. And the pollinators LOVE them!!!!

Around here we also have a whole lot of white in The Coopermarket, where lots of things have bolted and gone to seed for the summer. I've been very lax about letting things flower this year because I figure it makes our bees happy and will help them get their hives all set up for winter... It's a good excuse anyway!

What's been happening around your garden?