Widgetopia: The first 5 years

This blog is, at least in part, the story of our garden. The dreaming of it, the making of it, the sheer hard work of it. It is not a finished story (not by any means!!), but that doesn't make it any less of a tale.

This afternoon we did the first mow of the season and, as we looked around, it was impossible not to think about how much has changed since we first moved here in July 2011. Ordinarily the shame of our weeds and the list of Things We Haven't Accomplished threaten to blind me to what we have achieved, and definitely prevent me from sharing our garden (or photos of it) with others. I tend to focus on the single beautiful flower rather than the whole garden - much easier to tilt-shift out the bad bits that way ;) But that's ridiculous and totally misleading and not at all what I want this sporadic blogging thing to be. 

So, hereunder lies an unedited, warts-and-all photo essay illustrating the making of this little piece of paradise we call home. I didn't bother to pick up the things dumped on the porch, or pretend that we don't have tools and old gates and junk around the Coopermarket. I haven't taken the laundry off the deck or hidden the kids' toys dumped around the yard... No editing, just real life. Enjoy!

[Note: most of the "befores" in this post are from the day we came out to inspect the house before we put in an offer. There are a some in here taken shortly after we moved in and did the clearing, and after we built the eight Coopermarket garden beds, but many are pre-ownership photos. Every single "after" shot is from this lovely spring afternoon. The time of day and time of year don't marry up with the originals, but you get the idea.]

The Coopermarket

Out the back (the back garden)

The Terraces (formerly The Dustbowl)

The front entrance

Before I finish, I should point out that we fell in love with our property as it was, without wanting to make any landscaping changes. We both love the Australian bush and simply wanted to spend all of our time building trails to ride and run (which is what we did for pretty much the entire first year here, by the light of head torches each night after work and every spare moment on the weekends). I wanted the bush to come right up to the doors and windows of the house, just as it had when we first fell in love with the place. However the danger of bushfires made clearing around the house a necessity, so we cleared and then contemplated our next move. A few years later, this is where we are up to. Plenty more to do (these photos are SCREAMING at me to add to my list!), but totally smitten with where we're at.

And lest you think that we have our sh*t together... as I was uploading these photos from my phone today, I noticed this. Many years later and the shovel still gets dumped in the same spot every time!