Around here...

It's been a funny old start to the year... My husband is still on holidays, which makes it the longest holiday he has had since, um, in fact the longest stretch of time I think he has had off since I met him all those years ago. And being in holiday mode, I am struggling to find my footing this early into the new year. Routines and good habits have gone out the window - temporarily I hope (otherwise it is going to be a wildly unproductive year!).

So in the spirit of just trying to make a start, this first blog post of 2016 is going to be brief, quick and dirty.

We have had the most lovely stretch of rain recently but the sun was shining today and the garden beckoned. It was nice to take a moment to potter with the camera and see what's what, and jot a few notes about what needs doing (A few, ha! Many many things need doing, but all in good time....!)

Around here, the drumstick alliums are all in bloom or already on the way to seed. The bees have been so happy feasting on these beauties and I will miss seeing them pop up outside the bathroom window during the kids' bath time.

Around here we have already harvested a kilogram of blueberries, but we have more to get in this week... Harvesting blueberries is slow work but very much worth it. Delicious!

Around here the fairy fan flower (Scaevola aemula) is doing so well in the back garden bed. It's exactly what I'd hoped for as a groundcover, filling in a lot of the gaps and attracting loads of bees.

Around here the agapanthus are all in bloom! I know that in many parts of the country they are considered a weed, but they are far less likely to take off uncontrollably in our cooler climate and frankly, I don't mind if we get these popping up around the property!

Around here the gleditsia is looking so wonderful this year. It has been slow to get going and is much shorter than all the other trees we planted around the same time, but what it lacks in growth it is making up for in colour and interesting foliage. In fact, so much so that both hubby and I would like to put in another this year.

Around here the orchard is all in fruit (except those pesky pears...). Everything is netted and the garden looks shabbier for it, but we know from the past that we will lose all of our fruit to the cockatoos and lorikeets if we don't net them. In a few months, all going well, we will be enjoying homegrown peaches, apples, nectarines, plums, apricots and almonds. Almonds on the tree always make me smile.

Around here the hebes are still one of my favourite shrubs. They attract so many bees and just look so darn beautiful in their fluffy flower form.

Around here we have the first blooms on our David Austin 'Strawberry Hill' rose! She is a beauty and smells incredible to boot. 

Around here we are having a second flush of foxglove flowers. I'm very grateful for it because they are one of my favourites. 

Around here The Coopermarket is being wonderfully productive. We will have a lot of food to harvest over the rest of summer and autumn, but right now the greens bed is the star of the show. Some of the rocket has gone to seed but that's okay - good for the bees, good to save, and pretty to look at.

That's it for now... Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful start to the year, wherever you may be!