Introducing The Bee Diaries

When we moved here almost 5 years ago we were gifted a bee hive, complete and ready to use. Best housewarming present ever no?!?!? Anyhoo, cut to now and I am finally getting myself some bees! 

Our property is a bee-magnet and we have the most amazing mix of honey bees and native Australian bees (I've counted at least five or more types of native bees). On warm days the lavender bushes in the Coopermarket quite literally shake under their buzzing wings. I adore bees. I've only ever had one sting, walking barefoot along a path when I was really young, and so far nobody has been stung whilst we've lived here. To be fair, the thought of getting stung on the eyeball (which my new bee-guru did the other day) is really truly unappealing, but I am not overly fussed about the possibility (inevitability!) of being stung.

We actually have two hives: the Langstroth hive that we were gifted, and a Flow hive that we bought in their crowd funding project that went super crazy earlier this year. I am hoping to get both up and running before the end of summer, and it will be interesting to see how they differ. Down the track we might add more hives, but this will keep me busy to start with.

I have so much to learn about bee and hive care and (eventually) honey harvesting, so I am going to use The Tree Diaries as a learning journal of sorts. Hopefully there will be a few of you lovely readers who are interested in following along :)

{The photos above and below are from two gardens that I recently visited in Bundanoon. A full write up of those gardens will be coming soon because they were so wonderfully inspiring.}