Pruning and wreathing

Our banksia roses are bursting with their perfect tiny flowers at the moment. The bushes are all needing to be pruned to start shaping them into a more manageable hedge, so when I saw this little natural wreath on Kasey's instagram I was inspired to use the cut branches to make a wreath of my own. I am usually a very reluctant pruner whilst things are in flower unless we can make the most of the flowers inside... banksia roses aren't the easiest to put into vases as they bloom all the way along a branch, so this was the perfect alternative.

There are plenty of tutorials around for making natural wreaths (this one by The Dailys is great). I made these two wreaths by attaching cuttings to simple rattan rings rather than shaping the banksia rose branches themselves (the thicker branches that needed pruning weren't flexible enough to shape into rings). The cuttings were tied on with natural gardener's twine. 

So, thanks to a 15 minute pruning-turned-craft project, we now have two banksia rose wreaths hanging on our walls - a tiny white one in the kitchen and a large yellow one above the dining room table. A drizzly morning well spent!