Thanks for visiting my little piece of the internet!

In my life I wear a great many hats - mother, wife, lawyer, trail runner - but here on The Tree Diaries I wear my gardening hat. 

I originally started this blog back in January 2012, when I was adjusting to life with a new baby and no job to show up to each day... except, of course, for the epic job of mothering a new baby! The first iteration of The Tree Dairies was a bit more of a personal diary, which was a fun project, but I found myself struggling to share so much of my life beyond the garden.

In 2015, I tossed and turned about whether or not to restart this blog, keeping it just about gardening... why would anybody care what Iā€™m doing in my garden, and why on earth would they want to read my rambling thoughts? But I love love love reading other people's gardening blogs and, in fact, rely on them for advice and information a lot of the time. I thought if I can give somebody like me one more place to get inspiration or ideas, then yay! So I am going to keep putting some thoughts on the screen and if somebody reads them, then that is really awesome!

Whilst most of this blog is more or less about the making of our garden and my learnings along the way, if you are specifically interested in seeing where we started from and what we've done so far, have a look under the Building Our Garden category. I'll update that bit by bit as I write about the different parts of our garden.

I hope you enjoy your time pottering around this website. If you have anything to share or say, please do. If you'd like to touch base directly, please email me: hello at treediaries dot com


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